5 Tips for Purchasing Commercial Refrigeration Units

Choosing a system for your own business or helping your customers choose the right one can be a challenging task. Quality, efficiency, and price are all important factors in the selection process. Partnering with an established wholesaler like Acme Refrigeration gives you access to a wide array of reliable options. Our HVAC/R specialists share some useful tips to help you make the right choice.


  • Functionality: Space availability, ease of operation, maintenance, and repair are important considerations while choosing refrigeration equipment. We have a wide selection of cost-effective, easy-to-use, energy-efficient solutions. Our experienced sales staff can help find the perfect match for your needs and budget.
  • Quality construction: Products made with inferior materials and insulation are unlikely to provide the performance or energy-efficiency you require. Purchasing a reputable brand offers value for your investment in terms of reliability and durability. All our HVAC/R solutions are from manufacturers well-known for their time-tested product quality.
  • Energy-efficiency: Refrigeration systems contribute to a significant part of your business expenses. Which means a high-efficiency product can bring significant savings on each energy bill. We have a selection of top performers to boost your energy savings and green initiatives.
  • Competitive pricing: At Acme, you do not have to sacrifice quality for price. Our relationships in the HVAC/R industry over the past 70 years enable us to provide you with the best quality and value. 
  • Genuine parts: Regular inspections, maintenance, and repair helps keep your HVAC/R systems working at peak efficiency. Quality parts reduce future repair requirements and prolong the service life of your cooling units. Once you have an account with us, you can order, and pay easily and quickly from our well-stocked inventory.


Quality Products, Cost-Effective Pricing and Technical Support – Available at Your Local Commercial Refrigeration Unit Wholesaler

Visit any of our locations in Louisiana and Mississippi to explore our extensive product range. Having served virtually every type of commercial environment, we can advise you on product selection as well as tough installations and repair. We stay up-to-date with industry trends to bring you the latest solutions. From hospitals, schools, colleges and hotels to movie theatres, auditoriums, banks, correctional facilities, and prisons—you can feel confident that our fully-stocked inventory and experienced staff can meet your timelines and budgets.

Being more than a commercial refrigeration unit supplier, we can fulfill all your HVAC/R needs under one roof. Our convenient and secure online order management system allows you to source and pay for products in our store or online.

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