5 Benefits to Choosing an Air Conditioning Wholesaler

Acme Refrigeration is an air conditioning wholesaler that will save you money while delivering great service! Our brands include Rheem, Coleman, Comfortmaker, Mitsubishi, and Friedrich. Not only do we sell wholesale air conditioners but also wholesale systems and components. This allows you to buy exactly what you need to complete your project.

Let’s explore five great reasons to purchase AC units from a wholesaler like Acme Refrigeration!

  1. Save Money

Shopping with a wholesaler means you get the air conditioner at a lower cost. At Acme Refrigeration, we buy our products directly from the manufacturer. This way, your prices are competitive.

  1. Wide Selection

Shopping for a new air conditioner with Acme Refrigeration is a great process! We carry a huge selection of brands, so it’s easy to find the makes and models that you love at wholesale prices. Not being limited means you can deliver the best brands to your customers and keep them comfortable.

  1. Easy Buying

At Acme Refrigeration, we make buying wholesale as simple as possible. Call us or fill out our online form and we’ll get you what you need. We also have convenient online payment and credit app options.

  1. Visit in Person

Even though you know of great brands and cutting-edge AC models, it’s helpful when you can actually see the products you want in-person. This also helps you to have realistic expectations for your own projects. Fortunately, Acme Refrigeration has wholesaler locations in Louisiana and Mississippi. Stop by and see our air conditioners anytime!

  1. Work with a Single Supplier

Acme Refrigeration is not just an air conditioning wholesaler. We have many other services, too. You can count on us for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and supplies writing a paper. It’s convenient to work with one supplier, and you can expect the same great service each and every time.

For more information on air conditioner equipment and supplies, call Acme Refrigeration today.