ClimateMaster Heat Pumps: Cost-Saving, Sustainable Solutions for Commercial Environments

Looking for a cost-efficient HVAC system for your commercial customers or business premises? Consider ClimateMaster geothermal or water-source heat pumps. Among the industry’s most energy-efficient systems, this trusted brand offers sustainable solutions for all types of commercial environments. Cleaner indoor air and lower operating costs have led to the popularity of these heat pumps among builders, architects, business owners, facility managers, and HVAC contractors. Backed by over 50 years of stellar service and award-winning quality, choosing an environmentally-friendly heating and cooling system from ClimateMaster is a smart business decision.


7 Advantages of ClimateMaster Heat Pumps


  1. Range of installation options: A wide range of products caters to rooms of all sizes as well as large offices, educational facilities, and public spaces. You also have the choice of smartly-designed ducted and free-standing models to meet your space and design needs.
  2. Lower operating costs: These geothermal and water-source heat pumps present the lowest operating costs. The difference lies in their ability to recover otherwise wasted energy and use it in other parts of your facility.
  3. Reduced parts replacement expenses: Fewer moving parts in water-source (also known as water loop) and geothermal heat pumps reduce wear, consequently lowering your maintenance expenses.
  4. Easy maintenance: These heat pump units are easy to access both for routine maintenance and repair. The decentralized approach of individual units also prevents any single point of failure from shutting down the central system. Geothermal heat pumps have an added benefit— there is no boiler to maintain.
  5. Longer service life: While the average lifespan of these heat pumps is 20 years, many units are performing well even after 50 years.
  6. Greater comfort: Quieter operation and better indoor air quality improve occupant comfort and business productivity.
  7. Enhancing your LEED points: From sustainable design to building management controls and lower operating costs, the technologically-advanced heat pumps help maximize your LEED points.


Full Line of ClimateMaster Heat Pumps Available at Acme Refrigeration

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