Four Reasons to Choose Friedrich Air Conditioners

Acme Refrigeration is more than just an air conditioning supplier. We are proud to fulfill all of your heating and cooling needs with our top-quality brands and extensive HVAC experience. With brands like Rheem, ClimateMaster, Bard and Friedrich, you won’t be disappointed in the selection we have to offer.

Today, we want to talk a bit more about Friedrich air conditioners and why this brand makes an exceptional choice for the commercial building you are servicing.

  1. Specific Focus on Air Conditioning

When you look at some brands, they make other appliances such as toasters and microwaves in addition to their AC units. While this is great for brand awareness, it also means that the company has many products to pay attention to. Friedrich, on the other hand, is known for only making air conditioners. They don’t dabble in anything else, which means their full attention goes to developing and testing the very best cooling machines.

  1. Extensive Product Selection

Regardless of the building you are servicing, Friedrich has a solution. Commercial models include split systems, portable units, room/window units and thru-the-wall units. With so many selections to choose from, you can deliver the flexible solutions your customers are looking for. You can also service a wide range of buildings regardless of their age, layout or other factors.

  1. Durable and Efficient Machines

Your customers are counting on you to deliver quality cooling products that will reduce energy consumption and cost. Friedrich air conditioners work hard to bring facilities the comfort they need, no matter how large or rugged they are. In fact, Friedrich is the brand of choice for the Kennedy Space Center! What makes these AC units so durable are their high quality parts and materials, and exceptional building standards. Plus, these machines are super quiet, making them convenient for large facilities.

  1. Years of Development and Testing

Another reason why Acme Refrigeration recommends Friedrich air conditioners is because they have been rigorously tested and improved over the years. Only the best designs are chosen by the engineers, and all prototypes are tested in various conditions, including extreme temperatures. It’s amazing what is done during the testing phase, from attempting to mark up the surface to tirelessly running the electronic controls. By the time the first machine do my math homework is constructed, it’s flawless.

If you are interested in quiet, durable and high-performing air conditioning units, call Acme Refrigeration! With our extensive experience and technical know-how, you can be more competitive in your field with us!