Industrial Refrigeration Equipment: Tips to Reduce Operational Costs

Delivering the best outcome for your clients or business involves a holistic approach. Selecting the right system is just the first step, with preventative maintenance and timely repair being key to optimizing its performance and lifecycle. An established refrigeration supplier with over 70 years of experience in the HVAC/R industry, Acme Refrigeration shares best practices to reduce your operational costs.

How to Keep Your Industrial Refrigeration Equipment in Top Gear

  • Improve energy efficiency: Refrigeration systems consume a large amount of energy, accounting for a huge part of business operational expenses. Studies show that improvements to technical elements of modern systems and operational practices have the potential to reduce energy consumption by 15% to 40%. Additional benefits include reduced greenhouse emissions, enhanced system reliability, and a better working environment.

If your budget does not support a complete upgrade, consider making small alterations like installing efficient fan motors, adding controls to operate compressors at the highest efficiency, turning off pumps when not required, and minimizing the time your personnel need to spend in cooling areas. We have a full line of refrigeration supplies you can access easily.

  • Be diligent about maintenance and repairs: Condenser blockages, evaporator issues, heat transfer and valve expansion problems are some of the issues that can impact the performance, efficiency and lifespan of refrigerators. An annual inspection and maintenance program will help identify, monitor and address issues before they cause a costly breakdown. With quality replacements parts for virtually all makes and models of industrial refrigerators and coolers, you can count on us to help keep repair costs in control.
  • Replacing old equipment: The older your refrigeration system, the more energy it consumes. Often the cost of a new system is quickly recoverable in energy savings. We recommend doing a lifecycle costing analysis to determine whether you should immediately replace it. At Acme, we offer a choice of high performance commercial and industrial sysems to meet diverse needs. From space-saving designs to long service life and energy efficiency—we provide reliable, cost-effective solutions.


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As a full-service HVAC/R supplier, Acme Refrigeration offers an extensive selection of heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration equipment at competitive rates. We leverage our relationships with manufacturers to get you the best pricing. HVAC contractors, builders and facility managers have come to rely on us for the best products and pricing as well as expert advice on tough installs and repairs.

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Having served diverse commercial environments for over 70 years, we have processes in place to support your products, equipment and parts needs.


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