Grow Your Contracting Business with Oasis Water Coolers

As a supplier of Oasis water coolers, Acme Refrigeration is pleased to help you select the best solution for your needs. Oasis is one of our top choices because the products are stylish, durable and reliable. They can be found in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, business offices, and commercial buildings.

Let’s learn more about the benefits to choosing Oasis water coolers for your contracting business.

Oasis: Over 100 Years of Safe, Pure Drinking Water

They have been delivering clean, safe drinking water for over 100 years. The product line is extensive and includes dehumidifiers, water coolers, and point-of-use solutions.

All dispensers continue to be updated with the latest technology, which means your work goes up in quality as well. Imagine installing a high-efficiency, free-standing wall cooler made from a galvanized steel base and heavy gauge steel cabinet. Isn’t this the type of quality you want to provide to your customers?

Because all of their products are intended to deliver safe, pure drinking water, you can expect additional steps to be taken such as lead-free materials, stainless steel tops and removable pieces for easy cleaning. It’s reassuring to know that the products you install and recommend to customers stand by your own commitment to quality and safety.

What to Love about Oasis Water Coolers

You’ve probably seen the Oasis name in other facilities before, and you may even have some experience with the brand. If you haven’t, here are a few things to know about their products.

  • All designs sport a contemporary look, ideal for offices, break rooms, municipal buildings, and medical facilities
  • Wide selection to choose from, including wall coolers, countertop models, and hands-free bottle coolers
  • Some models offer hot and cold water on demand
  • Easy installation
  • Simple interface, comfortable handles, and electronic buttons
  • Stainless steel reservoirs for great taste of water
  • Energy Star rated to conserve energy consumption

Regardless of the facility you’re working in, Oasis water coolers can handle the demand. Acme Refrigeration is a reliable distributor of Oasis products, and we can help you choose the best fit for your needs. We have a large selection of water fountains and coolers. Call us today and let us help you so that you can deliver the best to your customers!