Tips to Optimize the Performance of Your Industrial Refrigeration Equipment

When selecting industrial refrigeration equipment for your clients or business facility, performance, durability, and cost are key. With a wide variety of products available, narrowing down your choices can be a challenging task. Acme Refrigeration has over 70 years of experience in the HVAC/R industry.

Our experts highlight 5 important factors that help optimize the performance of cooling and/or storage equipment.

  1. Determine the size: This is the first consideration in your selection process. Going too small can result in the equipment not being able to handle the load and problems with heat dissipation. Bigger is not always better, and in this case, can mean unnecessarily high utility bills. Map out your usage throughout the week to determine the exact requirements. In some cases, cycling between two systems can save on energy costs.
  2. Find a reliable manufacturer: With every product claiming to be the best one, how do you decide which one to buy? Look at product performance, warranty, and consumer feedback. Typically, an established manufacturer stands by their product quality and provides critical after-sales support if a problem should occur.
  3. Purchase energy-efficient Products: The latest energy-efficient model can significantly reduce power consumption and bills, helping you or your clients run more cost-efficient operations.
  4. Getting the best price: As with the purchase of any industrial equipment, the price is often a big factor in the selection process. Do not make it the sole determinant. A cheap product can end up being more expensive when you have to pay for frequent repairs and down time or early replacement.
  5. Buy from your local wholesaler: You are likely to find a range of products as well as competitive pricing. Wholesalers that are not aligned with a manufacturer will also provide you with unbiased advice.

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