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Manage Multiple Billing Accounts

AcmeRef.com allows customers to place orders online using any active accounts. All you have to do is link your account to AcmeRef.com! By linking all of your credit terms accounts to your online AcmeRef.com account, orders will be processed correctly and billed quickly. You also have the option to set up multiple accounts (one for equipment and one for parts) to simplify your invoicing.

Quick Definition: Link Account

'Linking' your account means you are connecting your Acme Refrigeration credit account with your AcmeRef.com account. As soon as your account is linked, Acme Refrigeration’s everyday low pricing on the 20,000+ products available to purchase online will be visible. You will also be able to view billing account information online, such as open credit terms, addresses, tax and shipment settings, and much more.

How Set Up Multiple Billing Accounts:

Once you have linked your main Acme Refrigeration account to AcmeRef.com and it has been activated, you can easily add multiple billing accounts to your online profile by following the steps below:

Step 1:

Sign into your account. Click the “Manage Accounts” tab in your account dashboard. Enter your other account number in the window and click "Link Account."

PRO TIP: If you have multiple accounts that you wish to link at the same time, click "Add Extra Field."

Select Account from Multiple Billing Accounts

Step 2:

Set your most frequently used account as your default account by checking the "default account" box. Confirm the "Allow Online Purchasing" box is checked for each account that you will use to make online purchases.

PRO TIP: To block accounts from online purchases, simply un-check the "Allow Online Purchasing" box and the account will be blocked from making online purchases.

Step 3:

To change between multiple accounts when making online purchases, simply select your account name dropdown menu and select the account you want to use. Any orders placed will be billed directly to the “current” account designated in the dropdown.

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